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Tunnel construction is a highly specialised domain requiring the utmost expertise on all fronts. For sixty years, the Putzmeister brand has been synonymous with innovation and technological leadership in concrete pumping, a savoir-faire we have since put to excellent use in tunnel projects around the world. Thirty years and counting, and our range of high tech equipment solutions continue to perform in the most challenging of tunnel environments.

When you’re in the market for primary and final lining solutions that you can trust, look no further than Putzmeister’s premier line of mechanised concrete spraying equipment, developed in-house to meet your particular needs. Our equipment solutions all boast the following components, with variations depending on the model chosen:

A concrete pump designed specifically for Shotcrete, allowing for a quality finish and a low pulsation you can take pride in.

A telescopic  spraying arm with a maximum vertical reach up to 17 metres. Remote controlled precision for a quality application.

A robust chassis designed to withstand the toughest tunnel conditions and provide excellent manoeuvrability in difficult driving situations. Equipped with an on-board compressor for fully autonomous equipment operation.

An automatic system for high precision synchronization between the concrete pump and the additive dosing unit, for unrivaled spraying accuracy.



Developed in-house to meet specific needs


Automated systems for high precision output

Innovative Formwork Filling System brings concrete secondary lining into the 21st century

Thanks to its strategic partnership with leading engineering group Kern Tunneltechnik, Putzmeister now offers an innovative formwork filling system, Formkret.

Regulated by a set of two-way valves integrated into the formwork structure and connected by a single delivery line that links the entire system in sequential rows, this latest innovation helps to reduce the need for manual work, enhancing work site safety and speeding up the overall process. Once a manual, labour-intensive process, the application of concrete secondary linings in tunnels has been brought into the 21st  century, thanks to Formkret.

With this latest offering, Putzmeister positions itself as a one-stop shop for all concrete related applications in tunnelling , further cementing its market leadership. The future is bright for the concrete pumps manufacturer, which hopes to become a reference in all things concrete.


Automated systems for high precision output